Computer system failure prevention

Every month a specialist arrives at a certain time and does work like:

  • Software update
  • Removes useless data and trash software
  • Optimizes software for better use
  • Does computer component service (Video cards, SSD, HDD, etc.)
  • Cable and Wireless system management 
  • Server and router services
  • Supports, gives advice and does reports


Additional services:

  •  IT infrastructure resources and performance audits, reports and recommendations development (2x per year)
  • Good practice within computing policy (data storage data protection, management)
  • Computer systems user management (users, passwords, rights)
  • Existing program monitoring and new license purchases
  • Free licensed software and recommendations (workstations and servers)


Occasional services:

  • New hardware and/or software installation, replacements or complications 
  • Restoration of computers with infected viruses (if the anti-virus software is not capable doing so)
  • Security solutions: firewalls, data encryption and secure storage
  • Computer condition monitoring
  • Workstation and online server monitoring
  • Data backup solutions (backup copies, mirroring)
  • Hard drive testing and isolation of defective sectors
  • Data recovery from hard disks and USB flash memories
  • Computer Systems modernization
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Implementation
  • The introduction of wireless solutions
  • Documentation development
  • Work outside the agreed places


Services we provide remotely and in person:

  • Guaranteed specialist response, problem solving remotely
  • Remote assistance through mobiles or remotely connected computer
  • Hardware completions and software practice service  
  • Computer equipment and periphery repair, and replacements
  • Report preparations doe the spent time and services given