IT Service center


There are these situations when a program throws an error at the user and the user does not have the knowledge to see the roots of the problem and doesn’t know to what service provider should he go to. Often the case is also that the user does not know whether or not the company provides such services
Such problems may be:

  • Computer components (operating system, motherboard, HDD etc.)
  • Internet providers (internet connections)
  • Data server/ host providers if an application is outside the companies servers
  • Software provider and/or developer
  • Hardware provider (in the guaranty time)

While the real reason is called and problem solving happens the users precious time is being wasted.


Using out IT Service Center, we do everything you please in the IT matter.
All you need to know is one phone number, e-mail or our homepage but out specialists will take care of your problem. No matter how topical the problem might be.
Even if we won’t be able to solve your problem we will contact the service providers, companies who can. 

Right here in our ITIL problem solving blog, clients can see the incident history, and that allows the client to judge the quality of our work. We also take care of taking your machine to the guaranty service providers and if necessary replacing your machine for a new one.

Our main goal is to provide stable and no holds barred experience, and problem free machine.


Providing good service is our and our customer’s key to success